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About Patriarchy Must Fall

Feminist women and pro-feminist men have been organizing, working for, praying and casting spells, for an end to the oppressive system of patriarchal power-over model historically based on dominance and subordination of women. Patriarchal models of power-over have been institutionalized over millennium to oppress women, people of color, and control the class system.


The cry, “May patriarchy fall for the good of all!” has been affirmed in spiritual feminist circles for decades.  This affirmation recognizes that over millennium patriarchy has become a way of conditioned thinking for both men and woman alike. In calling for an end to patriarchy, the responsibility to do the internal work necessary to heal from collusion with patriarchal values, and make other choices around the exercising of power.


This project “May patriarchy fall for the good of all!” is a personal wish to create change by creating opportunities for discussion to accomplish that end. Join us as we move the discussion forward.

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Patriarchy Must Fall For The Good of All

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